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Tame Your Emotions - A Practical Guide to Overcoming Everyday Challenges
Break free from the shackles of negativity and take charge of your emotions! 

Alter between positive, negative and neutral state of mind.

Tweak destructive thoughts using 4 simple steps.

Empower positive emotions through effective methods.

Be inspired by 12 insightful lessons from four ordinary individuals like yourself.

"The world is a tragedy to those who feel,
but a comedy to those who think."

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About The Author

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Jacky Chua
Communication Coach
Trained as a coach with the International Coach Federation (Singapore), Jacky is also the author of The Leader's Manual
With his vast experience in communication, management and leadership, Jacky has coached professionals of all levels. His professional advices have also been featured in local magazines August Man and Her World, radio station 93.8FM Breakfast Club and Internet radio  iN988.
Jacky believes that every individual can make a positive change in aspects of his personal and corporate existance through more effective communication.